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For something so common and universal, replacement windows can be a real mystery to the average homeowner. This is due in part to the fact that the replacement window industry rivals the new car industry in "locking down" all the information and keeping it within their own closed field. Learn basics about replacement windows, what they are, how they operate, and how to buy them.

What is a replacement window?
A replacement window is a strange thing, with very few parallels elsewhere in the house. As the name implies, a replacement window replaces your current window, but not on a one-for-one basis. What you take out (the old window) is not completely replaced by the new window (replacement window).

Even though the replacement window is not the same as the original window (also called a new construction window), it does function the same. If it's a double-hung window, it slides up and down. If it's a casement window, it swings in and out. Even though replacement windows are smaller than the originals, usually they will perform better.

How You Know You Need Replacement Windows?
It is usually glaringly obvious when you need to replace your windows. However, the high cost of replacing windows can cause homeowners to put off this project year after year.
  • High Energy Bill. Energy costs are abnormally high, yet you have done other non window-related repairs in an effort to save money (chiefly, insulation in walls and attic).
  • Drafts. Chilly breezes in your house during the winter can come from even the tiniest cracks in window glass or window framing.
  • Window Glass Cold to the Touch. Single-pane windows will always feel cold to the touch, no matter their condition. But if you have double-paned windows, they should feel only moderately cold when the temperature outside is very cold.
  • Difficulty Opening or Closing Windows. Wood windows stuck to the frame by layers of paint. Settling of the foundation causing frames to twist, preventing the window sash from moving. Casement window hinges and latches rusted. Any of these might necessitate a full replacement rather than repair.
  • Window Painting and Repair Impossible. When your windows reach the point where the paint is alligatored, cracked, peeling, and the wood is rotting and falling apart, it becomes more cost-effective to replace the windows rather than repair.
  • You Get a Financial Windfall. If you have extra money that you can earmark for home remodeling (a work bonus, inheritance, home equity loan, etc.), it makes sense to put money into replacement windows.
  • Do-It-Yourself Window Replacement Not Possible. Most people do not or cannot replace their own windows.

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